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Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Robert C. Powers is committed to providing you competent, diligent, and zealous representation whether needed in the Court Room, Corporate Boardroom, or State Agency.
Family Law


The family is the center of society and the focal point within our everyday lives.


Consequently, when family issues arise that require legal intervention, collaboration, or litigation, you need an attorney who can understand your personal needs, assist in developing a mature and reasoned solution, but will fight to ensure that you receive due process and the opportunity to be heard on the best solution for you and your family.


Please feel free to call me to discuss how I can personally advise you or litigate on your behalf.

Business Law


Establishing and running a Business is possible only after you turn your vision into reality.  Creating and maintaining a Business takes hard work and dedication, but the rewards can be immeasurable.


Hiring an attorney to assist in the creation, legal compliance, and perhaps litigation ensures that your goals remain in line with your vision.


The Law Office of Robert C. Powers wants to ensure that your Business goals support your Vision; that your Business activities comply with state law, and that any legal attacks against your Business are eliminated or defeated.


Criminal Law


Standing in the Court Room facing a Judge who is about to pass Judgement and Sentence can be a very trying and painful experience for the accused. 


If you have trouble with the Law it makes sense to hire an attorney who can give you informed advice on your options as well as defend you in the Court Room. 


The Law Office of Robert C. Powers is ready and willing to stand at your side.



Wills and Estates

Creating a Last Will and Testament is the ideal method for ensuring your loved ones are cared for in your absence.


Leaving instructions for your loved ones clarifies your wishes, reduces conflict, and lowers expenses for your estate.


Please feel free to call me to discuss how I can personally advise you on drafting your Will and associated documents or Probate a Loved One's Estate.

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